Does a warehouse need personality?

Are you interested in utilising your warehouse space and creating a happier and more productive warehouse to work in? Keep on reading!

Typically warehouses are built for their practical use rather than their aesthetics, and don’t get us wrong, warehouses are the engine-rooms of many a commercial enterprise and must function correctly BUT we’d like to explain why we feel adding personality to a warehouse space is important and how easily achievable it is.  You might be wondering, who is this all in aid of… for your space to run in an effective and productive way the work force within the warehouse must be stimulated. The productivity and mental well-being of those who work in warehouses is often overlooked. Adding personality to a space can help towards this. So are you interested in utilising your space and creating a happier and more productive warehouse to work in? Keep on reading!

You may have read our previous blog on the importance of colours in an office environment; the same applies to a warehouse space.  Head over to this blog article here to gain a better understanding of colours and the affect they can have. Obviously we understand that this will be limited due to the functionality of such a building but it is still possible. We’d advise using colours such as blue, green and yellow.

beam warehouse.jpg

Have you considered the lighting in your warehouse? Nothing adds more personality to a room than natural light. It doesn’t just look good; it offers fantastic well-being benefits that will keep your work force stimulated. Studies show that dim un-natural lighting can lead to a lack of focus and drowsiness that of course can lead to health and safety concerns especially if machinery is being operated. Furthermore, harsh lighting can be linked to headaches and migraines! A warehouse that promotes natural light would be ideal but of course this is not always possible so you should attempt to adopt uniform lighting and avoid harsh illumination when possible.

Adding partitions to a workspace is a controversial subject, some would argue that open plan working offers great benefits but you can’t deny that in a busy and loud warehouse space partitions may create areas of privacy away from the disturbance of a warehouse floor. They also offer more surfaces to be painted to brighten up the warehouse, which could be a great solution if a lack of paintable surfaces is a problem.

Don’t underestimate the little touches that make a building come to life. Adding plants and other ‘accessories’ can make a big difference. It is hard to make those little touches look right in what is sometimes a dull and un-motivating space but if you add some colour and thought to a space you can give it some real character and create a work place that is enjoyable to go to.

So there you have it… some great reasons to motivate you to add some personality to your warehouse space. Whether you want to discuss us helping you with this or you just want to give your space a re-fresh don’t hesitate to give us a call on 07932 701551.