How to create a warm workspace

The dark nights are drawing in and the office is starting to feel cold again. Sound familiar?

The colder weather is on its way so now would be the perfect time to make your office feel warm and cosy ready for winter. When we say feel warmer we don’t mean go out and buy a big costly heater, there are actually some really simple decorating tips you can apply that will have you benefiting all winter long. 

Here are some of the best tips to make your office look and feel warmer!

Choose cosy colours

The first thing you need to consider which will make the most difference is the colour of your office. Remember, colours have a mental affect on us so certain colour types can be perceived as happier and warmer. When selecting paint colours, avoid colours with cool undertones at all costs!

The next thing to do is to think about colours you associate with a hot day. Yellow and red come to mind, as they are the colours of the sun or fire but these colours alone may be too bold so they should be used as undertones.

Creamy whites, natural browns and beiges are great choices. If you’re feeling slightly daring, you could have a feature wall and paint it red to make the office feel seasonal. However, the red should be toned down so that it isn’t too dramatic and distracting.

Arrange furniture

Once you have your paint colours chosen and your workspace decorated, your furniture is the next thing to sort out. Your desks and shelves should be a rich colour like deep red or chocolate brown, as this will add a feeling of warmth to your office.

Filing cabinets and storage racks can be personalised to look warmer and have a winter feel.

When arranging your furniture, look for ways to create cosy conversation areas by pairing chairs together. You should avoid placing your furniture against the walls and instead make small islands of furniture throughout the room. By doing so, you'll make the entire room look warmer and more inviting opposed to looking empty and cold in places.

Make the most of natural lighting

Lighting is important for the atmosphere of an office. Choosing lighting with a softer tone will help the room have a winter feel. If you are completely refitting your office, think about where to place your windows to get maximum benefit from the winter sun.

Add finishing touches

Finishing touches will complete your office. For example, adding a glossy lamp, knitted throw or fluffy rug to your office will add some depth and interest. Putting plants in your office will add life to the room. For the winter months, you will want plants with colourful foliage and dramatic shapes such as cacti and lilies.