How to make a small space seem bigger

Small spaces can be hard to work with, especially when you’re limited on how much of your own design you can incorporate into the room. Here’s some ways that you can give off the illusion that your space is bigger than it actually is, whilst letting you experiment with your own designs!

So, is the size of a room frustrating you? Well, there’s no need to worry! Here are a few ways that you can make a small space seem bigger!

Paint with light hues!

We’re not saying that darker tones are a no-no, but lighter hues are perfect for making a space seem bigger than it is!

Due to many lighter colours being reflective, they’re able to reflect natural light, which makes the room seem much more spacious and airy. We personally suggest that you go for colours like white, cream, pale greys and blues.

Make the room monochromatic!

Whilst painting your walls, you could also paint the trim and detailing as well! By painting them a different shade to the colours on the walls, you’re instantly going to expand a space!

For example, you could paint your walls white, your trimming off-white and then your detailing beige.

Paint the ceilings!

It can sometimes be a pain painting the ceilings, dodging paint drips and the mess it leaves on the floor below – urgh! However, it’s said that painting the ceiling makes a space seem bigger! Yep, apparently if your eyes are drawn up, the room seems bigger!

So, we suggest you paint the ceiling a darker shade, making it stand out when people walk in, which will make them look up! We'd recommend hiring a professional to do this though as it can be tricky!

Use colour schemes!

Like we said in the second point, by using difference colour shades, you’re able to make the space seem bigger! Here are a few colour schemes you could go for.

Wonderful white with accents – Out of all the colours, white is the one that makes rooms look the largest! Because it’s so versatile, it makes a perfect back drop and goes with just about everything. With white, you’ve got the freedom to paint an accent wall without making the other walls seem to close in around you. You can really go for whatever colour and patterned accent wall you want, as long as the other three walls are white!

Cool citrus tonesYellow, a perfect colour for a small space, as long as you don’t go too light or too dark! A subtle shade of yellow and a citrus theme of orange or light lime green will work perfectly!

Subtle sea shadesLighter greens and blue create a soothing atmosphere that also enlarges the space, bonus! By using a subtle green, means that you’re also able to use other colours like pink, blue, white or yellow.

Blue is also pretty versatile! Using a white trim with blue is one way to make it have a vintage look, while also expanding the space.

Pretty pastelsAlthough this look can be said to be more feminine, pastel hues are great when aiming to make the space look bigger.

Light pink, peach and lilac are common pastel colours used, but can be a little too much on their own. Break the colours up by adding a beige, tan or cream trim, paint the doors neutral colours and add accents with darker shades on the same spectrum!


So there are a few ways you can make a small space seem bigger.

If you want any help choosing the right colours for you space, don’t hesitate to contact us!